Our departments

Collaboration and communication is our key to success. From shop management to customer care, or performance marketing to IT, our diverse departments continuously inspire each other to push industry boundaries. Learn more about our exciting teams below.

Brand Marketing & Clienteling

The brand marketing and clienteling team shapes the Mytheresa brand through global and targeted collaborations as well as campaign initiatives and innovations. Additionally the team works to create a unique shopping experience for our valued customers by controlling top client communication and activation.


Every piece at Mytheresa has been hand-picked by our buying team to offer the finest edit in luxury fashion. Responsible for vendor communications, inventory management and achieving sales and gross margin targets, it’s so much more than just sitting front row.


Our global communications team consists of public relations, social media and event management, and is based at our headquarters in Munich. The PR team is responsible for maintaining corporate PR strategy, overseeing global media responsibility and managing influencer seeding. The social media team handles all Mytheresa channels from Instagram and Facebook to Weibo and Wechat, making sure we are connected with customers across the globe. And finally, the events team works tirelessly to execute events in partnership with our brands in cities around the world – think Paris, London, Seoul, Madrid, Venice and more.


The inhouse creative team is responsible for creating, organizing and envisioning the overall look and feel of our retail brand, as well as showcasing our one-of-a-kind brand portfolio to our consumer. The international and diverse team consists of many sub divisions that all contribute to the consistent appearance and customer journey: product copy, product styling, campaign copy and 360° content creation, campaign ideation and creation, the front-end design of our shop and apps, as well as the overall fashion styling and onsite production is managed by this team.


Customers are the top priority for our CRM team. By learning from customer behaviours and using data-driven insights to inspire changes, the team works to improve our services and create a positive experience that encourages customer loyalty.

Customer Care

We love our customers! Our international Customer Care team speaks more than 15 languages and is reachable 24/7 in over 130 countries across the globe. At the heart of Mytheresa lies an extraordinary customer experience, based on a sharp focus on high end luxury shoppers, exclusive product and content offerings, leading technology as well as high quality service operations.

Customer Experience

The customer experience team listens to our customers and takes charge of all feedback we receive, implementing a 360° feedback cycle that works to consistently improve our services and create a memorable shopping experience for our valued customers.


The customs team makes sure that we comply with the rules and regulations of doing global business. From processing incoming and outgoing goods to handling duties and taxes, this team manages orders made by customers outside of the European Union.


Imperative for the smooth running of all our infrastructures, the office management team consists of facility managers, technicians and housekeepers. This team is vital for maintaining a functioning work environment.


The finance team is responsible for a range of administrative and operational tasks at Mytheresa. This team is broken down into administrative roles such as accounting, controlling and corporate finance, as well as analysis by the business intelligence team. From an operational perspective, the payments and customs teams ensure a smooth and secure order process by managing all transactions with our customers and processing merchandise outside of the European Union. This team also manages all our legal topics.


The human resources team works to attract global talent by building a professional and modern workplace based on a state-of-the-art organizational framework. The team offers support for onboarding, as well as development programs tailored to each department. This team helps to make the journey with Mytheresa an impressive, motivating and lasting one.

Mytheresa Store

The Mytheresa Store team is dedicated to providing inspiring shopping experiences as our front-of-house face. The team prides themselves on maintaining purposeful and lasting relationships with customers by catering to their every need with exemplary service and unrivaled fashion knowledge.


Our operations team takes care of logistics, including incoming goods, order picking and packing, and shipping to ensure a fast delivery process. This team also handles all returns and exchanges to complete the supply chain for our customers.

Performance Marketing

Responsible for national and international performance marketing channels, the team uses analysis and optimization tools to ensure the Mytheresa message is heard far and wide. From Google Analytics to display and email marketing, this team is all about driving traffic to our site. Knowledge of SEO, SEA, affiliate and KPI management, as well as analytical, technical and marketing skills makes this team an extremely diverse and valued part of the business.

Personal Shopping & Client Relations

Managing global clients and creating exciting experiences for our VIP’s keeps our personal shopping and client relations team busy. With a focus on bespoke international and local trunk shows, the team curates enviable fashion edits with above-and-beyond flair, closing the gap between online and offline shopping experiences.

Project Management

The project management team works either independently or in coordination with other departments on a vast portfolio of projects. From launching a new category or enhancing the online and offline experiences of the Mytheresa brand, to supporting and creating the necessary tools for the localization of specific markets, this team makes things happen.

Retail & Merchandising

Crucial in ensuring our products are displayed in style, the retail and digital merchandising team expertly curates our online drops using analytical and creative product selection tools. The team is also responsible for providing size and fit information, which is vital for helping our customers find the perfect pieces. Within the department, the pricing team takes care of price adjustments across the geographic channels we deliver to, making sure that the value of styles is communicated to our customers in the best way possible.

Shop Management

The shop management team works to achieve the best user experience for our customers. Constantly testing new features and optimizing performance allows this team to create personalized content. Data analysis and creative thinking are key strengths for this team.


As an e-commerce company, technology is the key component connecting our customers with our products. The Mytheresa shopping experience is defined by innovative technology that is developed in-house to meet the unique needs of our consumers. We pride ourselves on building a cutting-edge commerce platform with the necessary infrastructure to perform all internal processes.