Joining us


If you would like to work at, you have the opportunity to apply either for a full-time position or for a temporary position in form of an internship or as a working student. Your workplace will either be in our head office in Aschheim or in our logistics center in Kirchheim-Heimstetten, depending on which department you are in.

All of our postings are laid out as full-time positions with mandatory presence at our head office. That is not only a principle that we follow, but has to do with the manner in which our operations are run and the necessity of continuous tight-knit coordination, which can only be done on location. We also tend to work with freelancers; however these only make up a few exceptions and can only be hired for selected departments.

Permanent positions

If you are interested in a permanent position please apply for one of our open positions or send us an unsolicited application. The outstanding development of our company is due to our unabridged expansion, and the strive towards excellence results in new fields emerging at a rapid and continuous rate. Thus, it could be the case that a position which corresponds to your interests and experience may not exist at the present time, but could be relevant to this company in the future.


If you would like to do an internship at, you can apply to be an intern in your department of choice. We know how important it is to gain experience for one’s professional future by doing internships in the course of one’s academic career, and also how hard it can be to get your foot in the door, especially within the field of high-end fashion. We are convinced that individuals who have potential and who are highly motivated can learn a lot during an internship, and it is for this reason that we generally have 1-2 interns working within each team. In order to grant them a true-to-life experience, interns are fully integrated into each team and participate in all of the daily on-goings of their respective department, a learning process that we feel both sides will profit from. The prerequisite for a successful internship at is that the intern stays with the company for at least 5-6 months in order to adequately familiarize themselves with our daily business operations, our business model, and our philosophy. It takes about 6-8 weeks to fully comprehend and work with the above-mentioned company policies and to contribute one’s own ideas accordingly.
We know that it is not possible to do a full-time internship during the academic school year and that one may have to take a semester off to work full time or wait until after they graduate. It is a personal investment however, we are convinced that it will be worth it in the end, also in that often times an internship paves the way for a permanent position.

Working students

If you are interested in applying for a course-related position, you can apply for a temporary position or for a position as a working student. These positions are not always available and there may not necessarily be vacancies in every department. Nevertheless, if you are interested in such a position we encourage you to send us your application.

Explore our latest vacancies

Position Department Location
HR Administrator / Personalsachbearbeiter (m/w/d) – Logistik
Aschheim, München, Heimstetten, München
Human Resources Aschheim, München, Heimstetten, München
Lager/ Warehouse Worker (f/m/d)
Heimstetten, München
Operations Heimstetten, München
Junior Inventory Controller (f/m/d)
Heimstetten, München
Operations Heimstetten, München
(Senior) Business Intelligence (BI) Developer (f/m/d)
Aschheim, München
Finance Aschheim, München
Project Manager (f/m/d)
Aschheim, München
Project Management Aschheim, München