Do I have to work on weekends?
Our working hours are from Monday to Friday. However, some departments (IT, Customer Service, Logistics) work on Saturdays. These Saturdays rotate and contain shorter hours. Naturally, you will get compensated by time off during the week.
What is the official language spoken?
In general, the main language that is used around the office is German and in many cases and most meetings also English. In addition to German and English, you will also hear Italian and French, as well as other languages.
Who do I talk to when I have questions?
No matter what questions you may have, we are more than happy to answer them. Call us at +49 (0)89/127695-233.
Are you interested in hiring freelancers?
Our vacancies are full-time salaried positions. From past experience, this is the only way to maintain our standards and live our company values. However, we are always looking for great talents and occasionally make exceptions.
Where is the office located?
Although we deliver all over the world, business is operated from our locations in the Munich area. The head office is located in Aschheim/Dornach in the eastern part of Munich, near the Munich Trade Fair Center. Connected to excellent public transport, it only takes 20 minutes to reach from downtown.
Our logistics center is located close by in Kirchheim-Heimstetten, which is also accessible by public transport.


Do you offer the possibility for short internships?
We do not offer internships that run for less than 5-6 months. Short-term internships will not give you the in-depth look at our ecommerce business venture. Additionally, due to our limited resources, we would not be able to provide you with adequate mentoring within this timeframe. An internship at mythreresa.com not only means gaining useful work experience, but rather the full integration into a dynamic team and into our everyday operations.
Do you offer internships for high school students?
Unfortunately, the internships that we can offer to students who are still in high school are restricted to our warehouse and shipping departments.
Can I work in various departments during the course the course of my internship?
Internships that rotate through various departments are not possible at mytheresa.com. The reason is simple. We would like you to gain as much insight and experience as possible, as opposed to a brief run through of all the departments. Nevertheless, our company is very interdisciplinary and our teams work closely together. Therefore, you will receive a good overall picture of our company and how we operate.
If I do an internship, is it possible that I may get an offer for a salaried position?
Yes. Our company is growing at a rapid rate and we are always looking for talents that are a good match for us. However, we can’t guarantee that there will be an opening at the end of your internship. If an opportunity presents itself and there is an opening, you will be the first person to think of.
Can I send an unsolicited application?
Of course, we encourage you to send applications, even if you are not applying for a specific position. Since our company is expanding, we often have internal openings that have not been officially posted yet. If we already have your application and know what you are looking for, we can contact you regarding a new opening and set up an interview.
Do you have part time positions?
We do not offer part-time positions at mytheresa.com, all of our openings are full-time salaried positions.


When will I receive a response after I have submitted my application?
We usually respond to applications within one to two weeks. In case we need more time to review your application, we will let you know and keep you posted on the status of your submission. If you do not hear from us over an extended period of time, please do not hesitate to contact us to inquire about your application.
How do I apply for more than one position?
If you would like to apply for various positions, please tell us in your cover letter which openings you are interested in and what your specific motivation is behind these postings. Regardless of how many positions you are applying for, one copy of your resume will suffice.
What attachments/references are relevant for my application at mytheresa.com
Ideally, you send us your cover letter/s, resume, copies of your most recent academic degree, and letters of recommendation from previous employers. Please only send us your most recent academic degree and letters of recommendation, or those that you feel are relevant for the position that you are applying for. If you are applying for or are interested in a position in our Creative department, you may also send us relevant samples of your work.
Can I drop off my application in person?
We kindly ask you to refrain from bringing us your application in person. Due to our limited resources and the little amount of time that we have, we will not be able to personally accept your application, nor will we be able to arrange a last-minute interview.
How far in advance should I send in my application?
Please try to submit your application 6 weeks prior to the date you will be able to start working. If you are applying for an internship, please send us your application 3 months prior to your desired starting date. However, we also review applications on short notice.
Is it possible to get personal feedback regarding my application?
We receive a large number of applications on a daily basis. Therefore, it is not possible to give each applicant personal feedback on his or her application. In addition, after the completion of the selection process, we are required by law to delete your application from our database within a given time period.

Explore our latest vacancies

Position Department Location
HR Administrator / Personalsachbearbeiter (m/w/d) – Logistik
Aschheim, München, Heimstetten, München
Human Resources Aschheim, München, Heimstetten, München
Lager/ Warehouse Worker (f/m/d)
Heimstetten, München
Operations Heimstetten, München
Junior Inventory Controller (f/m/d)
Heimstetten, München
Operations Heimstetten, München
(Senior) Business Intelligence (BI) Developer (f/m/d)
Aschheim, München
Finance Aschheim, München
Project Manager (f/m/d)
Aschheim, München
Project Management Aschheim, München